Friday, 7 October 2016

Chestnut class has its own website, if you click on the image above it will take you there. Or you can type the URL 

There are already a couple of videos made by pupils on the site, more to follow soon. Plus there will be links to useful websites that we use at school and can also be used at home.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Time to go home.

At last we nearly all had an early night and good sleep, big smiles and lots of energy left for the last day. Jack, our esteemed leader, provided the Robin Hood hats. They must have worked because the shooting was great. A bit of a push now to go to the toilet and leave, we will all miss Lakeside but are looking forward to seeing our families. Back in East Harling soon...

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Group One Reach New Heights

OA big first for everyone this afternoon - climbing and abseiling on real rock. The first climb wasn't too high but the second was a real challenge. Everyone had a go, some were keen enough to abseil twice. The teamwork was crucial once again, with just 8 in the group everyone had a job all the time. Poppy took on a key role dismantling the equipment and passing it back up for the next person. She kept encouraging talk going all through the activity, brilliant work. 

Super Kayakers

Group One were incredibly fast learners on the water this morning. The fun games helped to develop good manoeuvrability skills, plus the kayaks were so stable it took a full tilt to come out and all of Group One kept upright as instructed. 
Of all the games my favourite was the pirate game, capturing treasure and then throwing it at each other. As the water was so glassy and calm just drifting was fun too.


The conditions for kayaking could not have been any better today, it was calm and the sun was shining down on us all.  There were two groups kayaking this morning, they were split in two two groups.  They embarked on different tasks and tried to avoid getting wet or capsizing.  In my group Sophie managed to go 3 times but she took it in her stride and got on with it. Towards the end of the session, the children had to try and balance standing up in the boat, again some found it was a fantastic session 

Rock climbing and abseiling

The sun glistened down onto the rock face. Tummies churned with excitement and anticipation. We were all ready for the challenge ahead......lots of us needed encouragement and advice on where we should place our feet to find the best route. Although most of us found this activity difficult, we surprised ourselves how hard we could work to conquer our fears by the end of the morning we all felt proud of our achievements.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

What's Group Two Been up to?

Group Two were our first archers, they had to earn their cutlery for breakfast. Luckily they were good shots and no one had to eat with their fingers. There are also some budding architects, their shelters had mezzanine floors and a tower. 
As the red hat group during raft building some children made an exceptional effort despite being not too keen at the start, threw themselves into the activity and had a great time.